ShinwooTech. Co., Ltd. - The new/renewable energy company!

Recognizing the seriousness of depleting fossil fuel sources, ShinwooTech. was founded in 2000 based on its technological know-how on new/renewable energy.

ShinwooTech. Did not hesitate to invest in new technologies, resulting in acquisition of ISO, certificates and patents, and established itself in the industry with a competitive edge. ShinwooTech.'s solar street lights, with patent technology, differentiates itself from other companies due to it's exceptional performance.

ShinwooTech. embarked on developing charging control device and productors for new / renewable energy, the result of innovative development is MPPT charging control device, high-heat sink LED lamp and Energy storage system.

Such technological advancements served as the foundation for manufacturing exceptional solar street lights, Solar application system, LED lamps and Energy storage system. Based on such initiatives that contributes to it's competitive edge, ShinwooTech. is preparing itself for a new leap forward to becoming a global company.